Why You Should Start Your Indoor Jungle Today


Plants make people happy. They are beautiful, intriguing, and a healthy addiction.

House Plants have the power to change your life.

Maybe I sound a little over dramatic, or maybe I am just a little obsessed with botany (true fact), but realistically plants are good for your health.

Here are a few logical reasons to start your indoor jungle today.


  1. Natural Air Purifier : Multiple studies have shown there are plants that help purify the air. I mean this is generally common knowledge for plants outside, but indoor home plants have the same effects. With how quickly germs travel, and people get sick, it would be silly not to have some extra plants around your home and office. Cleaner air also helps with a better nights sleep.
    Plants to get for cleaner air: Air Plant, Spider Plant, Ficus, Snake Plant, & Peace Lily.
  2. Cheap Interior Décor: Plants are a great option to spice up your décor. Go to your local Plant Shop, and find plants that fit your likings. Just make sure you ask  for help or read up on the plant first to make sure the lighting you have will suffice for the plants needs. When it comes to size, I enjoy buying smaller to medium plants because 1. its rewarding to grow them big and strong and 2. they are cheaper. Another reason it is great for décor it because you can propagate plants! Which means more plant children from your current plant. (Propagation Post in the future)

    Great Starter House Plants: Bamboo, Pothos, Snake Plants, Cactus (Please keep in mind all plants thrive in different environments. You can try any plant, but they may require more love!

  3.  Reduce Stress: This opinion can be biased, but I write off personal experience. I was feeling down for a few weeks and really needed some change in my life. My friend told me about this plant store, and I was In LOVE. I had found some plants I had my eye on for a while : Monstera and a Fiddle Leaf Fig. I love coming home from work and seeing how they are doing, and watching their progress.

    Wiping leaves, watering my plants, and misting the ones that need misted(tropical babies) really help to wind down after a long day. Even just being in a plant filled environment puts me in a calm state. Fill your space your in most with pretty green plants and watch your mood change.

  4. Responsibility: Having plants are the new children (b/c lets be honest Millennials cant afford babies with crippling student debt). All jokes aside, plants need us (but we need them more). When we bring them into our home, we are their care takers. Having a sense of purpose is  beneficial to our mental health. We need to feel wanted as humans, and seeing your plants thrive is the ultimate mood booster.



Why do you love your indoor jungle? Feel free to share your positive experience in the comments.

A letter to Anxiety…

Dear Anxiety,

Why do you feel the constant need to hang around?

You feel like a bad friend that wont go away. You are negative and insecure. I don’t mean to be rude, but you make my life harder.

Why do you make my life harder? I have more important issues to focus on.

I don’t need to be in the middle of a meeting feeling dizzy and nervous and have to walk out because I feel like I am going to be sick. There is no reason for you to do that to me.

Even when we are around people you know,  you still give me uneasy feelings around people who I am comfortable with.

Why do I fear you?

When I travel, why do these thoughts come into my head that “this car will come in your lane, or that person is going to rear end you.”

Why are you uncontrollable?

Meditation, working out, healthy eating, self-love… When will it be enough for you?

Endless tears, panic-attacks, anger, irritability, arguments you cause….. Can you please stop?

I am working on myself to be better every day, but somehow you are sneaky and come back into my life, I refuse to let you take over me. You will not win.

Oh anxiety,  I will defeat you.


The Stronger Version Of Me



To all my readers who suffer from anxiety. You are not alone. You are not insane. Your mental health is important. I understand what it is like to have no one understand what you are going through. Stay strong and stay tuned for articles about how to deal with your anxieties, and how to maintain your mental health.


Feel free to share how you deal with your anxiety. I love new Ideas and maybe someone else will need to read your advice.




Benefits of Working a Job You Enjoy

After you finish school, you realize it is time to put your big boy or girl pants on and start a job. With not too much thought into it, you take a job that will pay you a 1/2 ass  hourly or salary rate and think that will be good for you.

You begin this so called “career” and everything seems fine to start.

After a few months you begin to realize you can not stand this job you are at, and it starts to alter your personal life.

You get home from work, and are too exhausted to even do anything because you are mentally drained.

Unless you are a lucky one who has started in a career you love. Which is amazing and you keep doing you honey!

If you are like the rest of us, it is time to make a career switch and look for something you love!

I am one of those who have had a few jobs since I graduated college. Working these dead end customer service jobs to make a living.  I had worked with micromanagers, sexual harassers, and just negative/ bitchy employees. It took such a toll on my personal life and relationships, and I was OVER IT.

When my husband got a promotion and we moved to the desert, there really were not any jobs for me. By luck, I was told about a temporary position at the company my husband works at.

Of course I took it. I really had no idea what to expect.

This job did not have the pay I want or really any benefits, so I went in a bit skeptical.  Funny though, because this has turned out to be the best job I have ever had.

I am learning  a multitude of different skills I never had a chance to learn in my dead end customer service jobs. Skills that will benefit me to move up in a career.

On top of that, the guys I work for are so supportive. They push me to be a better person and don’t make me feel unintelligent if I make a mistake. I have worked many jobs that will degrade you for a simple mistake, instead of showing you how to fix it.

Work culture should be very important to you when searching for your fit. If you don’t like the environment, you most likely wont enjoy your job. There is not a day that goes by where I am not dying laughing at someone’s joke where I am currently employed. Also, this work environment has a very family like feel. Everyone says hello, you know about their families, and you get to know each other. Working in a big part of our life, so you need to enjoy the people you are around.

The rewards I have gained from working a job I love are unmeasurable. I am happy. I do not stress out about making a mistake, because we are all human and that happens.  I am not exhausted after work, so I live a healthier life style. I don’t drive past work and cringe at the though of going back in. Yes, I have made some sacrifices such as the pay I want and the location where I want to be, but I know in the long run this will pay off.


If you are not happy at your current job, you are not stuck. We all have skills that can help us obtain a good job. Know that your happiness and mental health is more than your paycheck. Find your passion, and when you do your job will fit like a puzzle piece.




How to Host the Holidays

Beautiful Readers, Hope you are well and happy!

We are now entering “Holiday Season”. Some of us may look at this and cheer, and others it may make nervous.

bb(Hand Built Table Made by My Husband and I)

Holidays bring everyone together, and that can bring some stress on whoever is chosen to be host.

Good news is I am here to help you Host! ( In this article at least)

This does not have to be a stressful time. On the contrary, it can be quite fun.

I love to have people over, it gives me a chance to be in charge of a wonderful night. The thought of decorating, and having people enjoy themselves actually excites me.

Here are some simple tips to make hosting easy:

Be Prepared: Make sure you have a count for every head that will be coming to the home. This way you can ensure enough plates, silverware, and food.  We do not want anyone feeling left out.

Plan a meal everyone can enjoy: In the day and age of gluten free, diets, veganism, and health issues it is important to make sure the food you have on the table can suit all appetites. You do not have to do this all alone either, ask people to bring their favorite dish! Make sure the dishes are marked clear so no one eats something they are not supposed to.

Get Décor Tips: I feel like some people are born creative, and others struggle like me. Pinterest has the best pictures to give you tips on how to decorate. I love when I go to a get together and the place looks put together! Make sure you do not over do the décor though, that can take away from valuable food space.

Make People Feel Comfortable: No one likes walking into a place where they don’t feel welcome, I am a greet people at the door with a hug type of person. Also, I always will have some good tunes going to ensure no awkward silence when guest start arriving. A few candles lit will make the home smell amazing, because are there better candles aside from holiday candles?

Drinks: Make sure the is water set out where people do not have to ask for some. When people have a drink in their hands it relaxes them. Honestly, when you think about it what do you do with your hands when they are not occupied? Go to TJ Maxx and get one of those glass jugs with a pour spout for $20.00. throw some fresh fruit in, and let people enjoy.

Set a Timeline: Have a set time for appetizers, dinner, and desert. This will make the flow of the night go a lot smoother. The timing does not have to be exact, but it also lets people know when to be there so no one is walking in towards the end of dinner.

Most of all have fun! Spending time with loved ones is not something we get to enjoy everyday. Make the most of the night. Remember the laughs, the tears, and the happiness that fills your home because that is what matters the most in the long run. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with love.


Keep Your Skin Soft This Winter

Hello my beautiful Hippy readers. I hope life is well, and you are in good spirits. I know we are approaching cold season, and for some of us we are already there.

Our skin is the mold of our body, so we need to protect it.

As some of you may or may not know, I have moved to the desert. While it may be a beautiful place, it is extremely dry and at first healthy skin was a struggle for me.

My skin is finally adjusting to this new climate, and I wanted to share some of my tips to help you keep your skin healthy as well.

person in white long sleeve shirt with both hands photo
Photo by Tatiana on Pexels.com


Lotion: As we all know, all of our skin types are different, so find a lotion that works for you. I have recently starting using Dr. Teals Lotion. It smells amazing and comes in a few different scents,  my favorite being the lavender. I also use the gold bond, cocoanut scented lotion which is great for extra dry skin. Every morning I wake up and apply to my neck, arms, and face( use caution if you have sensitive skin to avoid break outs), and every nights before I go to bed. Keeping your skin moisturized helps avoid wrinkles in the future.


Lips:  Keeping your lips soft is not so easy when the weather changes quickly. When they become dry and cracked it is very painful. For so long regular Chapstick was in my skincare regimen, and rumor has it your lips become addicted to the product and chapped lips become worse ( if someone finds this study let me know). The best product I have used is Aquaphor. I generally use this on my tattoos to help them heal faster, but since I had a lot left over I started using this for my lips. I apply through out the day, and they have managed to stay soft.


Baths: I love to get home from work, grab a good book, and soak in a hot bath to wind down from the work day. I have to be cautious of the heat and dehydration when bathing though. Epsom salts have become part of my routine when soaking. The salts are absorbed into your skin to relive muscle pain, and relax the body. I also feel my skin is baby soft when I get out. As I mentioned though, if you use these you can get dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water while using these.


Water: This is everything. Water needs to be your main focus when trying to maintain your smooth skin. When you wake up try to drink a full glass of lemon water. Heat up the water, and drink it during your morning routine. Side note: I wake up early, and sometimes have stomach aches. When I drink warm lemon water, it helps aide my digestion and makes for a much better day.  You can also drink herbal teas, which hydrate you as well. My favorite tea ever is the Tazo- Passion Fruit Tea and I swear I can drink 10 cups a day.  Find a flavor you love, and stay hydrated! Make sure you are also getting enough electrolytes, this will keep your immune system healthy as well.


These are simple ways that you can maintain health skin. Stay looking youthful and keep that healthy glow amidst the brutal winter dryness. I know it may be hard, but you can do it!

What products have you used to avoid dry skin?!




The Title says it all. What the fuck America? 

What is happening to this country? Why are we going back in time?

I am not one to get offended easily, but with all that hate, discrimination, and fuckery going on in the USA I feel I need to get my voice out, hence why people write. Right?

I will start with I am not a political person. I hate war, I love people, and I try to be a good person day in and day out, but I can’t do that alone. I need help. I need people to start caring.

A few points that I am appalled by:

The Hate Against Women:   Since when did women become objects again? When is it okay for sexual offenders to hold such a valued position? Why are people who have been sexually assaulted accused as liars. It takes a brave human to come forward against their offender, and nothing hurts more then when you are not believed.

What can we do? We can stand to together and stand up for ourselves. Men, you can learn respect. I know not all men are horrible, I have a husband, father, and brother who are some of the most respectful men I know.  I am talking to you entitled, sexist, spoiled men. Think of you daughters, sisters, mothers next time you even THINK about doing something you know is not right.

Parents, teach your children respect. Teach your daughters to be strong, and fuck that saying “boys will be boys.” Who ever though it was okay to say that? If you say that to your child, you are allowing them to believe they can do whatever they please.

Quit with Religion being the fucking basis for EVERYTHING. There is good religion and there is bad religion. I just watched a video on Facebook of North Carolina Candidate Mark Harris, this man was preaching that women should submit to their husbands every needs, He questions if women should even have careers. I laugh, if my husband ever thought for a second I would submit to him for his every need we would not be married. Why are women still allowing this? Why are we trying to get to the old ways? I feel the old men in office are scared of women being powerful. They are scared of equality.

Women are not trying to be better, we are trying to be equal!


The Hate Against LGBTQ: I do not even know why this is still a thing. Let people be happy, who cares what their sexual preference is. I said it once and I’ll say it again, we are all a little gay. 

When are we going to stop priest from raping little boys? Or stopping US Officials from taking advantage of men and women? I would love to take away their rights. Make them live in misery just as they are trying to do to innocent people.

When has someones sexual orientation ever changed who they are as a person? In America we are supposed to be able to express who we are, and what we love. Freedom of speech. This used to be a country of love and now its filled with hate.

Citizens are brain washed to fight one another. Innocent people are dying for no reason but hate.

Open your eyes everyone. Stop being brain washed.  We need to take control of our country again. If you are reading this, be a good person it really is not hard, I promise.

Do not let this country change who you are. Keep your views positive, love one another, stop the hate. If you see hate, stop it. If you see sexual harassment, stop it. Do the right thing, I know you know what that is.


and America….. Get your shit together.

How To Wedding Plan, Without a Planner

Hello Readers,

Sorry I have been MIA. I have been planning a wedding! As some of you may know, it is a beautiful, crazy, stressful, and expensive time. I know in the long run it will totally be worth it.

I love my life, and moving to California with my almost husband has been amazing. Not one complaint here. We made the wonderful decision to move across the country.

Let me tell you though, trying to wedding plan with out a planner has been… interesting. You have no idea what you are doing, and you have no idea what you need. Setting a budget? What is that when it comes to such a big day in your life. Plus if you set one it is likely that budget wont stay. Every day is jumping through a new hoop.

As we approach our big day, in about two weeks I want you share some insight with my wedding plans without a planner.

food couple sweet married
Photo by SplitShire on Pexels.com

Have someone you can vent about your stress with: Of course I have my fiance, but he is very busy with work and I don’t always want our talk to be about the wedding.

I have had some great talks with my Mom, Brother, & a few close friends. I tend to be a bit easily stressed, and having my rocks totally helps me be more level headed.

You are going to hit road bumps when planning, your vendors may not get  back to you in time, your jeweler may not send you pictures of your wedding bands even though the wedding is two weeks out, or your decorations may not all be planned out.

Just have those people who can reassure you that it will be okay, because it will!

Being your own planner is not luxurious: If you are wanting the TV style weddings, this may not be the best option for you.

My fiance and I were never about having the over the top party. We are expecting about 40 people at our wedding, and we just want to have fun.

We are doing everything from our flowers, to decor, to my lovely friends helping with hair and makeup.

This can be very stressful, but honestly I still do not know what the hell I need to do. If you are marrying the right person though, in the end it wont even matter.

Know What You Really Want: Here are the 3 items that are going to be the most important: Food, Drinks, & Music. Do your research, try different places.

Do not get screwed over, seriously… someone wanted to charge us $400.00 for a tasting (for a mac and cheese bar) Yet, the vendor we went with gave us an amazing meal, for free, and we went with them

Our DJ is awesome, and I pre-made a list of songs I think will get people dancing. I also feel like an open bar is a must, I have been to alcohol- free weddings and it was actually very boring.

Also, buying booze yourself is going to be way cheaper (if you can bring it to your venue, and you have a smaller party).

I luckily work in the wine industry so that helps a bit too.


Stop Inviting People You Don’t Really Care About: Keep this list short and sweet, the less people the less stress.

You want to enjoy your wedding right? If you have 250 plus people there, you will want to be sure to make sure you greet and thank every one for coming.

If it is a small group, you can enjoy the night a little bit more.

Also these people that you do not want there, may be a bit judgmental. There are always those people who want to complain about something at the wedding.

Screw those people.


Have Fun: This is the most important rule to remember.

While everything may seem crazy stressful, remember what you are planning for.

Ryan and I are planning for a life together forever. A life full of love, challenge, and adventure.

If you feel like your going to burst into tears while planning, just do it. You will feel much better.


Let me know how planning your own wedding or event was!