Summer Glow Face Products

Hey All! Happy Hump day. I am just sitting here touching my skin and it got me thinking about some great products I have used lately that I totally loveeeeee. If you keep up with my posts you probably know I am not super crazy about makeup, but that does not mean I don't like … Continue reading Summer Glow Face Products

Let’s be Sex Positive

I talk about sex to liberate people and encourage you not to be fearful of the inevitable. SEX! Being sex positive is more than just having sex. It is about accepting all aspects of sexual orientation, practices, fetishes, and so on. If you want to take the leap to be more accepting, I'll tell you … Continue reading Let’s be Sex Positive

How To Maintain Your Sex Drive

If you are reading this, I get the idea that you love sex, or maybe you once loved sex and you want to love it again. Maybe you STILL love sex, but your drive for it has diminished. I get it. Life. Gets. Hard.  You get tired, totally understandable, but do yourself a favor and … Continue reading How To Maintain Your Sex Drive

Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Let's talk about you and me..... But really, let's get talking. When is the last time you have had a serious conversation about sex? It could be with your partner, friend, casual hook-up you name it. I'm not sure why we are living in a world that is STILL scared to talk freely about sex. … Continue reading Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Bring Back Natural Beauty

Today we live in a world with beauty standards set so high no woman or man feels like they look good enough. Why are we conforming to these modern day normalities? Personally I love to wake up in the morning with clear skin and wear only the slightest amount of makeup to look "socially acceptable." … Continue reading Bring Back Natural Beauty

The overrated and underrated places of LA

I have been living is Los Angeles for about four months now, and have traveled around the area quite a bit (like every weekend). I have seen some amazing places and some not so fabulous places. I've compiled a list of places I have loved and others that if you are only here for a … Continue reading The overrated and underrated places of LA

Why You Should Go To The Beach

This sounds like such a cliché article, and maybe it is, but I bet you don't know why the beach is the best for you and your health. I am a fish when it comes to being in water. I shower for about an hour a day, and then go to the pool or hot … Continue reading Why You Should Go To The Beach