A cup of tea a day, keeps the bad vibes away.

Typical Monday, sitting at my desk already dreaming about the weekend and what fun it will bring. I wonder how can I possibly get through this day, ya know…. working with people who hardly even say hi to you gets old after a while. Being a super positive, extroverted person, I like to have things that brighten my day such as; my fiance, my family, my best friends who are usually to busy to keep me entertained (but thats okay because they are all killin the game), but those are things I can not hold near to me during the day… so I have my tea.

If you were to walk into my house, you would see a kitchen counter over-flowing with loose-leaf tea, tea bags in glass containers, the tea pot always on the stove….even look in my purse you will see that I ALWAYS have a few tea bags in there. The warmth of the glass on a cold day really warms your soul & your spirit. When day day gets me down, I pause; and make myself a cup of tea. The smells are so refreshing an soothing it puts you in a happy place.  If you close your eyes, and you smells the hints of rose and daisy, you are pretty much in a garden.

Tea is great for any situation weather it be happy, sad, or just to make you feel better because you’re sick. I mean I have a tea for cold’s, breakfast, period cramps, sleepy time, to make iced or hot, I could keep going but I wouldn’t want to bore you. What I hope you do is go find you a good cup of tea and let is soothe your soul, just as it does mine every day.


Here is me enjoying some great lemon chamomile tea from Indianapolis’s own Calvin Fletchers. IMG_7244

The Quote is by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. “If this isn’t nice I don’t know what is.”

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