Post-Graduation, a reality that has finally set in.

Today, I went to campus to pick up my undergrad diploma, a year after I graduated. I often ponder why I waited so long to pick it up. Was it the fear of reality hitting? Was it the induced anxiety caused by the crippling debt I have obtained? Was it just me being lazy? Probably…. In reality It was the fact I wasn’t ready to grow up and find a dead end career.

College is a time of learning about who you are, finding out what you want to do… all in this rush of ”four years.” It’s all about moving out of your parents house, getting an internship, knowing exactly what you want to do. From my experience, it rushes you into a job you are not even sure about. Personally,  I loved my degree of Communication Studies. Most people doc this as a degree for people who don’t want to try hard. Let me correct you and tell you I STILL HAD TO TAKE MATH CLASS, which made me cry often. My parents can attest to this, tears streaming downing my face and thinking about how I am never going to graduate. Well, here I am, a year out of college and already on job number two. Why you ask? Because finding a career you truly love is not that easy.

My advice to anyone who is pondering college, or thinking about what you want to do when you grow up…. explore. Explore your options, do what you love. What are you passionate about? Is it helping people, or healing animals, or creating beautiful artwork. Whatever it may be… DO NOT LET ANYONE BUT YOURSELF INFLUENCE YOUR DECISION.  I started as a nursing major, but the fear of never passing my math class with an A scared me. Then, I was a journalism major and was told I would never make any money,  so I nixed that. I finished off with a bachelors in Communications Studies and a certificate in Human Sexuality and my god was it a dream come true. I had the best peers and professors. To this day, they have been the most influential people.  I also know how to communicate and understand the human body better than most. ( Feel free to ask me advice).

I have learned a lot in the past five years, and my number one take away was do what you love. If you’re happy the money will come, if you’re happy and money does not come… shit at least you’re happy. How do you define success? When you can answer that question, you will figure out. I promise.


FullSizeRender.jpgHere is my $80,000.00 Piece of paper to show you I did something worthwhile. (Already got makeup on it because you don’t even get a protector with this flimsy piece of paper) ALSO ITS 140 FOR A FRAME. For real.

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