Let me start this post by saying I would not by any means consider myself a chef, a foodie, or anything of that modern day ‘hip’ stuff. I am actually a person that, well, likes to eat to live. Food is the reason for our existence right? Along with many other reasons. Cooking is time to unwind after a long day, but what about cooking makes its so great?

The Idea: Step one includes going to the grocery store, or ordering your groceries online, whatever you may chose you are still making the very important decision of what you are going to eat for the next week or two. Choose Wisely. I got into this habit at one point of my life of legitimately eating chicken and quinoa for about 4/7 meals a week. Needless to say I got a little burnt out on that.  Anyways, a grocery store is like candy land if you go to the right one. The possibilities are endless. What I like to do is grab items that can make a variety of foods. Examples would include vegetables, any kind of meats, and usually a grain. Once you fill your basket with food your body will love you for its time to brainstorm that nights meal.

The Prep: After you get home and finish the worst part of grocery shopping, unloading the bags, its all up hill from here. Pour yourself and glass of vino and get to work!

Anything that involves chopping fruit and vegetables, count me in. I find it therapeutic to chop up all those carrots and onions, even when the onions bring tears to my eyes. Lets just call them tears of happiness….

There are endless possibilities of meals to cook in this world, and that is the fun of it. Last night my fiance and I decided to make some tortilla soup (his idea) and man was it delicious.   Pictured is the prep. IMG_4983

Looks pretty right? You now feel suddenly motivated to go cook……

Another tip for making cooking even more enjoyable, do it with someone you love. I have a blast when I cook with the future hubby. We turn on our favorite tunes, are dancing, and sneaking in a kiss or butt grab any chance we get.

The Feast: For many, this is the best part. If you are anything like me, you always make someone else try it first to make sure its safe. ( Thank you, Ryan) Once known that it is edible, you get to sit down and enjoy it. One of the best things about cooking your own meals is you know that you made it and what exactly goes into it. We like to try to keep everything organic, and if we eat meat we steer clear of GMOs, forced fed animals anything along the lines of that.


The take away from this post is that I know a lot of times it may seem like a pain to cook. I have been there when I am too tired, or not feeling well. If I ever decide to go for take out or an easy meal, I end up usually feeling sick that night. Another positive, when you cook, you also have the opportunity to have meal prep! Which is fun because that is a night you don’t have to cook or a lunch you don’t have to spend money on. Cooking is great, and when you find a routine that works for you, you will hopefully feel the same.

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