How to Monday

Monday’s, to most, are THE WORST DAY EVER. To me its another day, and how I get through it is what makes it go a little bit better. I’ll start by stating that in reality Tuesday and Thursday are pretty much the worst days of the week. If you think about it Monday’s are usually busy, so you are kept up with a lot work. That makes the days go faster. On Tuesday,  there is seemingly no end in sight. It is one of those days that you look at the clock and its 11:30 and you wait an hour to look again and OP, NVM its only 11:31. Thursday’s are the same. You’re at that point in the week where you are ready to party, and sleep in, but no, it is not that time yet…

Anyways, If you are a down right Monday hater I’ll give you some tips on how to make it a little better.


Step one: Hit snooze as many times as you can. I know so many people tell you that waking up on your first alarm is sooo good for you, and you will feel so much better….. In my opinion that is so wrong. The extra 15 minutes of sleep is just as good as that smoothie were all force feeding ourself to drink because who is actually hungry when they wake up? Not me, that is who is not.


Step 2: Learn to perfect your morning routine. I hate being late, so I prep as much as I can before I go to sleep. I pick out my outfit, prep my breakfast, and have mastered a low bun. ( This may have been my many years of dance experience). Not going to lie, I am a totally crazy woman in the morning, BUT I GET SHIT DONE. I am up and out of the door in 10 minutes.



Step 3: COFFEE.  I would say this is pretty self explanatory, but I choose to explain. I get that many people don’t enjoy the sweet, beautiful aromas of coffee and thats okay….. so just find out what gives you a little kick. Warm lemon water with honey is something I live by as well. It taste very good, and also has some value to your body.  Coffee though, just gives you that big hug and kiss that you need in the early A.M.



Step 4: Music. If you are able to listen to some good tunes, it will make your life feel great. It is a huge mood booster. I love to get down to some Glass Animals whenever I have the chance. (Check them out ). Tapping your foot, or having a random dance party is never a bad idea.  If you are listening to music in the office, make sure you are mindful of what other people like as well. No one likes that person who is going to blast Scream-o before the sun is up…


Step 5: Get up, stand up. If you work a desk job, you are likely to fall into that after lunch slum. It sucks, I know. When I go to the restroom I will do 20 squats every time I go. 1. it wake me up 2. Makes my butt better. It is a win-win. Let be honest, our generation is in love with BUTTS! You can also take a lap around the building or go visit you friend and chat for a moment.



Step 6: Prepare yourself. It is almost 5 and you are about to run out…. The joys are coming. Instead of starting at the clock for the last 10 minutes, use that time to organize your desk/workspace. It will start your morning off so much better. Get your bags packed, clean your coffee mug, refill your water for the commute home. All these tasks make you look productive.



At last, you are home. Cuddled on the couch, watching netflix and creeping your instagram feed. Best news, you  made it through another Monday. Now…. when you close your eyes think of these tips, and brace yourself because… you still have four more days. Use these tips to your advantage. It’s helped me and I sure if you modify to yourself, you will benefit as well.



**Note to readers: I love sleep and doing as little as possible in my routine. So if y’all like to look super good for work, or eat a big breakfast…. this is NOT the morning routine for you.



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