Why I Love Yoga

I am by no means a Yoga master, but it is something I love to practice and hopefully make a career out of some day. It has benefits beyond belief for our well being. What I discuss is not scientifically proven, but it has worked to my advantage. Yoga classes are a place to clear your head and open your heart. If you are anything like me, you stress about the little things in life. In yoga class, you have an opportunity to forget the negatives and embrace you positive spirit.


(Tree Pose In Puerto Rico)

I grew up a dancer, and was in the studio almost every day and I often miss that. Being in the studio gives me a chance to push myself yet again. There is such a positive feeling when you accomplish a pose you have been working on.  My fiance and I practice together when we have the opportunity, and it brings us closer together. If you have a best friend or significant other to practice with, take  that chance to strengthen yourself. Yoga is a practice for all ages and advances and it is so accepting. We mess up, but what we take from that is an opportunity to learn.


Yoga studios  are a nice change of pace from the gym. Living in the city & working a 9-5 means that gym time= crowded time.  I dislike not be able to use the machines I want. Yet, In yoga classes everyone is in sync and so positive. It is quite enlightening to feel those vibes. After I leave a class my energy is increased and I feel like the most loving version of myself I can be.


If you have the time, try out a yoga class and see how it feels to you. If your job or life is effecting your mental health, take  a day to breathe.

Many yoga classes can be pricey, but look around your town for deals.

Here are some ways to find cheaper classes:

-Look on websites, many offer first class free/discounted.

– Check out Groupon.

-Look at youtube channels if you want to have some knowledge before your first class.

-See if you can volunteer at a studio to get hours for classes


Hope this sees you all well.



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