Fall in the Midwest

Its officially fall in the midwest, some days the leaves are starting to fall off the tress, and the day after that it is too hot to even walk outside. That’s beside the fact, we all are aware its going to get unbearably cold here before we know. On the bright side,  this is one of the most beautiful seasons here. The apple orchards are filled with laughter, and the pumpkin patches are full of children picking pumpkins to big for them to carry. I will admit I still picked a pumpkin that was large and heavy, thank you to my fiance for carrying it the whole way for me.

This leads to me think, what is there to do during fall in the midwest?  Most of the time we would just go out and drink, same thing day in and day out. I want a change (and to lose a little weight for the wedding).


1. Of course as I mentioned earlier, there is the pumpkin patch.  If you are anything like me, you can be super weird and take interesting pictures with the pumpkins. Keep it fun, ya know? Of course this night can’t end without pumpkin carving!


My biggest recommendation is  to go the pumpkin patch, have fun, but buy a small pumpkin and then go to your local grocer and buy them there.


2. This is going to sound lame, but clean your home/apt. You are going to be spending a lot more time inside most likely since we don’t have mountains to ski down, sad. Take the time to rearrange your furniture, get some new pictures developed, even learn to craft something knew. If you are forced to be inside, it might as well look as beautiful as you want it too.


3. Get a new hobby. This sounds totally obvious, but its harder to pick something you like and want to stick with for a lot of people. There are so many options; cooking, crafting, fitness, painting, reading, writing. Let your imagination flow. We are all artist in our own way.



4. Adventure where you have yet to go.  You can’t tell me that you have been all over every single area in your town. There are hidden gems everywhere and that makes the adventures so much fun. Find someone who makes you laugh and loves an adventure just as much as you do.


Pictured here is Turkey Run. It is so Beautiful, really if you live around here and can make it once you wont be mad if you like to adventure. Hiking is also great for your health, pack a bag of sandwiches and water and get up and go!


5. Road Trip. Here in Indianapolis, we are close enough that we can go to Chicago for the weekend. It always makes a great time. I have family and friends there which always makes the visits awesome. You never know what to expect when visiting that city. The first  time I took my fiance, we stayed at the Langham a beautiful hotel, and were walking back and there was a Jack Daniels Pop-up event. It was so interesting, the items the were selling. Last time we were in Chicago, we went to the Stranger Things Pop-up Bar. There is so much to discover in a new town.  The sight seeing is amazing, and the shopping is even better. So start saving a little bit, and take a mini road trip!IMG_5819




Fall is a great time, make the most of it! Have fun, meet new people, try new things. Its the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge. What are your recommendations for ways to have fun in the fall? I’d love to know!

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