Get Lost


We are living in a time of change. Some of us know exactly where we are going, and some of us are lost. It is okay to be lost, I am writing this to tell you and to remind myself. I recently left a job that I did not see myself staying, or ever being happy at. I was the only female, sat at a desk all day, and was doing tasks that were below me. I understand that you have to do things in life that you do not want to do, but it should never be a repetitive measure of your life. We have ONE life to live, and we never know when our day will come to end so make the most of it.

Not going to lie, being unemployed is stressful, and boring. (Note to my readers: Keep a savings account and don’t touch it for emergencies such as this) I have been taking this time to think about what I really want to do in life. Sitting behind a desk working a 9-5 is not it. I am an extrovert, I love being outside, I love moving around. Interactions with humans (or animals) is something that I really thrive off of. I was in the service industry for quite a few years when I was attending college, and I often thought that I can not wait to leave this industry and get a “real job.” What was I thinking? Bartending has its up and downs but I love it, I love meeting new people and making new drinks. Its fun, I get to be innovative and creative. I used to care what people think, that they would judge me if I wasn’t using my college degree. Now, if they make a comment.. I would say Get Lost.


I don’t mean get lost in a negative way, I mean get lost in finding who you are, finding what you love or who you love. We all get sucked into this materialistic, judgmental world. What good does that do for our energy?  If you are unhappy, really rethink what you are doing. Do not waste the valuable time you have on this beautiful earth. Yes, I know it is scary to take that leap and leave your comfort zone. If you never make  a change, you will spend your whole life wondering……. What if?  So think about it, take the time, and get lost.

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