Staying in Love

Falling is love is the most amazing feeling in the world. When you meet your other half you know. I have dated many people in my life, but never felt a spark. The moment I saw my fiancé for the first time, my heart stopped. I was so nervous I didn’t even think or remeber to ask his name. Luckily in the modern day world, I begged my friend for his name so I could Facebook him and add him, and the next day he messaged me asking to hang out. Our first date ended up being a blink-182 concert and from there on out we have shown love for music together.

Relationships take work as we all know,  but not work that feels as if it Is a triumph. You have to learn what your partner loves, and same for them. If your partner hates when you’re late, always be five minutes early. If your partner wants to cuddle and you hate it, make it a priority to cuddle. Share those moments with each other that you won’t ever experience with anyone else.

Laughing is inevitable when you are madly in love. You laugh at the happy things, you laugh at the bad things. You should always use laughter to brighten the mood. My fiancé and I were doing acro yoga and I completely fell on him and to us it was the funniest moment of that day.

In this day, I feel that people give up on love to easy. Stop looking for the next best thing and look at what is right in front of you.  You never know what can happen. So love harder, laugh more and stay in love. Only you know what’s right for you and your partner.

What have you done to stay in love?

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