What Happened to the Holidays?

Holidays used to be a time of family gatherings, religious celebrations, and enjoyment. As we can witness with our own eyes, times have changed. Stores and new traditions have influenced us heavily to rely on gift giving as a way to show affection. Why did this all start?

I grew up in a home where we were, and still are spoiled, and I loved it (still do) but I know my family loves me regardless of gifts or not. We have our silly traditions. When we were young my brother and I would wake my parents up and wait to open the gifts while listening to our Elvis Presley cassette. In recent years, it is pretty much still the same except my parents are waking us up. My mom and dad always had the gifts wrapped so perfectly under the tree, and when we were done opening them up we throw the paper in a ball and my dad collects it in a big ass garbage bag.  We would clean up and all get ready and dolled up for a delicious Christmas meal. Now that we are older we all enjoy conversation a lot more, of course when the politics are left out of the conversation. Usually my moms side is playing throw back music and dancing with Gram, and the guys are all laughing talking about who knows what. The thing I love is that these traditions are yearly, and the best part is there are more additions to the gathering, my fiance, my brothers partner, new babies, new pets all happy things.

Gifts go away much faster than family does, so stop thinking about what watch to get your dad or what scarf to get your mom. Think of ways you can show appreciation for the ones you love.  Craft them something meaningful, bake them something they will love. Save your money for all the student loans you’re paying off. People will appreciate meaningful encounters. If you believe in the birth of baby jesus, celebrate his birth with prayers of thanks, if you love your family enjoy every laugh with them, if you spend the holidays with friends know that they are as good as family.



How do you enjoy the Holidays with your family? What are some traditions you want to keep going?

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