5 Easy Ways to Start Saving Earth

Everyday we see images of animals trapped in plastic, and islands made of bottles in the middle of the ocean, but what are you actually doing to help change this? Let me tell you that sharing a facebook video or liking a picture is not going to change a god damn thing. There are simple steps we can take to help save this planet from even more pollution. Try these simple steps to start your green journey….



  1. Recycle- get into the habit of going out of your way to change your daily habits. When you get your morning brew, I am positive you pass a recycling bin on the street or at the office. Help your health by taking a few extra steps and help the planet by tossing that cup into the recycling bin.
  2. Reuse What You Can- in  my home, we use mason jars for everything. For water, coffee, salads, storage for leftover food, you name it. When you go to get a drink from a cafe, bring a reusable mug or jar. Another benefit to this, is it will be cheaper! Hell yeah, who doesn’t like to save some money? (You can buy a set of mason jars for walmart or amazon).
  3. Have Two Waste Bins- One for trash & one for recycling. On average our garbage goes out about every two weeks, and the only reason is because it smells like garbage. It is only filled with compost, or items that can not be recycled. If you do not want to pay the extra for a recycling truck to come to your house, there are generally recycling dumpsters for you to use in your area. Indianapolis sucks at recycling, but we have managed to find a dumpster before we had recycling. Look on a local campus, or by malls.
  4.  PAPER Over Plastic- grocery stores don’t always ask what option you want, but tell them paper. These can 1. be reused and 2. break down better and faster than plastic. If you have to use to the plastic, be sure to use them again and line your bathroom garbages with them.
  5. Forget Buying New- Do you really need a brand new car? Honestly, the moment you drive it off the lot is loses so much value… Reduce your carbon foot print by buying used. If you buy a brand new car, the manufacturer is just going to produce a new car to put into the lot. On the bright side, you AGAIN will save money by being green.


Do the planet a favor, and start caring about it. Save the animals in the ocean, and keep the air we breath clean.

Hawaiian-Monk-Seal( Save this cute water dog)

What are some ways that you are going green?

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