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What I have Learned One Year After Graduation.

Growing  up can be a total drag in some aspects when you have bills upon bills, obligations you don’t really want to attend, making your own doctors appointments, the list can go on. With all jokes aside, I feel that I have learned a lot of valuable lessons since I have graduated from college. Here are three important lessons and advice:


Know and Understand Your Student Loan Debt. If you were not blessed to have your school payed for by the government, scholarships, or your parents you are like majority of other students out there. College is expensive (and a total scam if you are not a STEM major). When you first sign up for school, you really have no idea how much debt you will obtain. If you take the time before hand to truly understand what is coming for you 6 months after graduation, you can plan accordingly. Don’t feel bad if you can not afford your loans after you are done with school, most of us can’t. Rent, food, and life can all add up. You can call your loan provider and ask to put your loans in forbearance.  Make sure you are still paying what you can in the meantime, just because nothing is due at that time know that your interest is still accruing. Do your best with the payments, and as you grow older and progress in your career you will be able to pay more!


Get Rid of Negative People. Honestly, this seems self- explanatory, but we still struggle seeing how bad some people really are for us. Just get rid of those shit-bag people. Anyone who makes you feel bad about who you are or what you do is not worth your time. I have taken out the trash of shitty people and I now have zero drama in my life. There is a saying that you are who you hang out with, and if you reflect on your life you can really see that. Take  a step back & take the time to ponder who is in your life and if you really want them there.



Your Health Matters. In college we went out, hardly slept, ate pizza probably like four times a week, and still did not get fat. I swear to god the moment I graduated and got my first full-time job I put on about 15 pounds. I hate to admit that to myself, better yet anyone reading this. Yet, it happened and I am now working my ass off (literally) to get back into shape.  My advice is to be conscious of what you are consuming. Rule of thumb is to fill 75% of your plates with vegetables at dinner, and eat that first before you consume meat( if you chose to eat that). Also, learn to cook. It is one of my favorite hobbies. When I can make a vegetable taste good, I am a proud chef.  Just keep in mind that without your health, you don’t have anything.



What are some ways you have survived post-graduation?

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