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Advice For Moving Across the Country

Recently, my fiancé and I moved from the frigid Midwest to the beautiful sunshine state of California. Let me tell you, it was quite the adventure. We packed for a good month, thought we got rid of items we didn’t need and were stressed a lot of the time. So, I have decided to compile a list of tasks I thought to be very helpful before a big move:

Go through your clothes: Ryan and I did this at the beginning, but I mean really go through your clothes. If a piece is too small, too large, looks worn down, has fuzz balls on it (from washing it too much) DONATE IT. There is someone out there who probably needs it more than you anyways. Once we unpacked everything, we actually had about four more bags of clothes to donate. Especially since we are not living in freezing winters anymore we gave a lot of sweaters and flannel away.

Only keep what you need: I am not a hoarder by any means (except with clothes), yet the amount of cups, plates, towels, and dish towels were overbearing. If only two people live at the house, why would you need 20 glasses? I do think it’s logical to have different wine, champagne, and beer glasses especially for when guests come over. If you declutter you will also have less to move into your new home which is a HUGE PLUS.

Make sure it’s with someone who you can tolerate: it was smooth sailing with my pilot (My fiancé Ryan) he drove, I gave directions. And we got along just fine (until one of us needed a snack) if you really don’t love someone and you’re moving to a place where you don’t know a soul, it’s going to be a very scary and lonely. Luckily Ryan and I get along so well that this has been a wonderful adventure.

Pack a cooler: no one wants to eat junk food the whole way there, plus a healthy snack on the ride will make your life so much better. When we ran out of snacks, we had to eat the only places we found on Route 66- and let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. So pack some sandwiches, hummus, fruit or whatever you like when you go on your adventure.

Make sure you see the people who mean the most: and make sure they see you. Life gets hard and busy, but if people really care about you they will make time to see you. And if you care about them, you will do the same. The hardest part of leaving Indiana was leaving my family. I sobbed like a giant baby because my mom, dad, and brother are the best. Luckily we have talked more than we normally do, which is about 3x a day on average. I’m so excited for them to visit ( I know they read this, so hint hint wink wink). You’ll learn who your true friends are in this point of your life as well, the ones who want to see you will make an effort. Keep that in mind.

There’s my cute family 🙏

Advice from Ryan: take your time, it’s not a race. It’s not often you get to drive across country. If you want to sight see do it. Also be safe you only have one life so make sure you protect it. Winter days aren’t the best for road trips so save the barren plain states for the evening of your drive if possible and make sure you get the awesome states along the route (in our case New Mexico, Arizona, and California for the day time) not only for the gorgeous view but for the safety of not driving off a cliff. Lastly, if you have a GoPro … mount that baby to the dash and collect a stunning time lapse for memories you will always look back and smile on.

He’s Ryan 👍😁

Enjoy where you are moving: If you are anything like my fiancé and I we moved from Midwest freezing temperatures, to beautiful California sunshine. We couldn’t be happier we have the beach and the mountains. Now our goal is to get our loved ones out here.

Cali rocks 🤙🏻 if you haven’t been, take the time to visit.

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