The Beauty of Adopting

Recently, Ryan and I decided it was time to add an addition into our beautiful lives. We have baby fever, but are not ready for children quite yet… so we decided what better then to adopt a fur child! We did, and we have been loving every minute of it.

On Monday, I picked up a sweet and sad little puppy originally named Tina, we have changed her name now to Ginger, which is much more for fitting for her personality. When we went to the shelter she was in a cage with another dog who had quite the energetic personality. Yet, we saw through to Ginger. No one was on her waiting list, and the hyper dog had six people waiting. Ginger looked sad and scared. We knew she was the one though. When we went to check if she was available she was! She had to get spayed and we were able to pick her up two days later, which was a very long time it seemed.

It was a cold and rainy day in California when I had picked her up. Ginger was sedated and scared. She slept for about three days straight. Eventually she started eating and drinking. Although, she was still frightened of us.

Ginger was abused, it was very obvious. She would cower down when we came close, was malnourished, and was to scared to move. We knew that we had to get her to trust us.

We take ginger everywhere, and she loves it, she has so much fun adventuring and getting to know new places. She finally knows what Love is supposed to feel like. I have never met a dog who loved to cuddle so much. Not only have we given Ginger love, but she has given it right back. Adopted dogs have usually been through a very rough patch, and once they feel what life should be like they love you for it even more. I know most people want that designer dog because you think it’s cuter, but a shelter dog is just as cute and will love you just as much if not more. Before you shop for dog, look into adopting and make a dogs world a better place. It’s so rewarding to know you made a difference.

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