Yummy Quinoa Dish (vegan)

So earlier today I saw a sad video posted by PETA about a little pig that was stuck in a fence at a meat farm and I was like okay I cant eat anymore meat for awhile. I have decided to make my favorite vegan dish. It doesn’t really have a name so let’s call it, Quinoa Delight? Okay sounds good… this meal is so easy to make, and you will have left overs for days. It can also be eaten cold, hot, like a taco, on chips, on salads, as a salad, pretty much anyways you want to eat it.



Black beans



Cumin, salt, pepper, garlic salt (really any seasoning you enjoy)

Jalapeño**** optional



In a deep pan pour in desired amount of quinoa, black beans, and corn (make sure to drain the corn and black beans)

Add in amount of water needed for the amount of quinoa. *** You can also use vegetable broth if you want more flavor. I opt for water because I use a lot of seasoning.

Add in whatever seasoning you decided to use, and your small chopped up jalapeño

Cook on medium heat. All of the times differ it depends on how much food you have cooked. I usually keep my stove top temperature on about 4/5.

Once cooked, and all water is gone squeeze fresh lime juice on top & add chopped up Cilantro for that extra fresh flavor!

Now it’s all ready to eat, so enjoy!

To keep: make sure it is sealed and in the fridge to enjoy for your next six meals. 😁

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