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Why You Should Go To The Beach

This sounds like such a cliché article, and maybe it is, but I bet you don’t know why the beach is the best for you and your health. I am a fish when it comes to being in water. I shower for about an hour a day, and then go to the pool or hot tub ,when I am at home just to be near water. I am currently even writing this near water. Anyways, let me tell you the benefits of going to the beach, researched by yours truly.

Side Note: I know not everyone lives by a beach, so if your not close to one make your own! In Indiana, beaches were limited, but Ryan and I always found one……


1.SUNSHINE- Vitamin D. I know a vast array of people who get seasonal depression, myself included. The sun fights against depression. It also fights against high blood pressure, kills bad bacteria, increases serotonin, and gives you a sexy little glow (wear sunscreen though). Embrace the sunshine, without the sun, the earth would be a giant ice cube. I know I cherish the warmth, hence living in the Sunshine state!

2. EXFOLIATE-  Just ask my mom about this one…. Every time we would take a trip to lake Michigan she would tell us to walk in the sand and exfoliate. In reality though, are your feet sad from neglect and having to wear shoes all the time?  Gross, mine too. Let the sand run on the bottom of your feet and get rid of the dead skin, probably sounds gross thinking about walking in sand that has other peoples skin flakes, but I’m sure you have put your feet in worse. IMG_80423.HAPPINESS- The beach is my go to happy place. If I am with my love or if I am alone, it always has been my spot. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore and watching the surfers, it is all very relaxing. If you are the type of person who is constantly busy or stressed, take a night to go to the beach and watch the sunset, meditate, bring a bottle of wine, whatever you need to do to get into your zen.  Your mental health depends on giving your mind a chance to be at ease. Without your health, you do not have anything…. IMG_78594.ROMANCE- What is more romantic than a ocean side sunset? This is a perfect free date. Bring a sheet, champagne, your love, and enjoy.  If it’s cold, use that as an excuse to cuddle up nice and close. There is usually  coffee shops or ice cream parlors, depending on the weather grab a little drink or snack and make the sunset even better.

5.FUN- I love fun, I actually live for fun. Make a weekend day a beach day. Get together with your friends, family, and pets. My little nugget loves the beach. My whole family has the best times at the beach. Make sure to bring your coolers with snacks and drinks, a frisbee, ball, towels, sunscreen, and a radio and you will be set for a great day at the beach.


Wherever you are, try to make time for the beach.  If you are not close to one, make your own beach.

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