Vegas Baby


Last week my fiance had a conference in good old sin city, aka VEGAS. Since I had some free time, I went with because why not? I also don’t like being away from my boo for long.  Vegas was quite the experience. Here are some important lessons I have learned if you are planning to travel there anytime soon.


The outskirts of Vegas are beautiful, if you have never been to the mountains I highly recommend it. The landscapes are breath-taking. I did not get a chance to hike out there since it was pretty chilly, but if  I were there in the summer I would have gone for sure. If you are coming from LA, the drive is nice and short and worth it.


Be prepared to do a cleanse once you get home. A LOT of alcohol is involved( if you wish it to be) When you gamble at the tables, you do not have to pay for drinks, at least at the places I was at. I guess the free drinks make up for all the money you lose though? What you don’t realize is that you just keep drinking, and when you stand up and you’re like what happened? Why can I not walk straight?! They also get you at clubs. I was walking on the strip and there were free tickets to Zedd, which like hell yea?! Who wouldn’t take those. I was pumped. When we got to our free concert, I kid you not, $60.00 for two drinks, and the concert started at 1:30 PM. I am old now, that is my bed time. The group I was with decided to leave and get a bottle and finish it in the hotel room until we could come back.  When 2:30 rolled around we were back, and feeling good. The concert venue was intimate and amazing. Honestly the best DJ experience I have ever had. If you get the chance, take the free tickets it will be worth it.

addiction-bet-betting-casino.jpgAs I mentioned drinks were pricey, along with everything else. Hotels hit you with those secret fees. Our hotel was 35 one night, and 85 the next. On top of that was the internet fee, and the resort fees. We were not expecting much from the hotel since this was a short trip, we knew we really would not be in the room often, so that was whatever. The biggest place you will spend your money is at the tables. It is fun to gamble, and we justify spending money by saying ” but it’s Vegas.” My only advice, set an amount you want to spend and do not go a penny above it.


Overall, Vegas was a cool experience. Everyone was very nice there, and it was a fairly clean city.  I think to go back in the summer time would be even more fun when all of the pools are open. If you get the chance to travel, have fun, be safe, and win big!

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