Grocery Shopping for Champs

There are two types of people in this world, those who love to grocery shop and those who hate it. I am a lover of going to the store that feeds me, if you’re not… why? Do you not enjoy looking at snacks and planning what you are going to be eating for the week? I am the type of person who is thinking about dinner while I am eating lunch because food means that much. Want to become a champion while grocery shopping? Heres how.


1.Wear comfortable clothes. You may or may not be running up and down the aisles since the olympics has got you feeling like a gold medal athlete. You could use the excuse you just left the gym, and now are famished from your “intense pilates class” if anyone chooses to question your attire. Whatever your excuse may be, it is just way more comfortable to grocery shop in sweats.

2. Ditch the expensive stores. Have you heard of ALDI? If not google one near you right now. It is a sister store of Trader Joes, and most stuff is about half the price. I am literally obsessed with ALDI. When I moved to California, I walked into ALDI and saw that avocados were 39 cents… what?! If you go to a competitor such as Sprouts you will be buying two avocados for 5 dollars. Lets be honest, you would rather save that money for your booze budget.  Another reason I like this store is because I feel that the fruit and veggies move faster, therefore they are more fresh. Check it out.

3. Shop at the right times. Everyone has different schedules, but I feel as if we all rush to the grocery store at the busiest hours. WHY?! Do you like to painfully be around many people trying to steal the last bag of pizza rolls? My fiance and I love to go on a Saturday night. No one is ever there, the lines are short, and the food is fresh. YUM! Depending on where you live, try a new shopping time.

4.Have Fun. This is the most important. If you are with your friend/lover/FWB make it a good time. Play games. I play this game with Ryan where I find a grocery I want, toss it to him, and hope that he catches it in time. (Note: I never do this with breakable items). Push each other on the cart, just because we are not children anymore does not mean that we can’t have fun. If you are alone, bring your headphones and listen to some good tunes. Make yourself feel that you are the star of a new grocery store mixtape music video. If you want drop it low, and then act like you were picking something off the bottom shelf. People might throw shade, just know that you are having fun.

How do you all make grocery shopping fun? Do you even consider it fun?

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