The overrated and underrated places of LA

I have been living is Los Angeles for about four months now, and have traveled around the area quite a bit (like every weekend). I have seen some amazing places and some not so fabulous places. I’ve compiled a list of places I have loved and others that if you are only here for a short time, can wait.

1. Venice Beach- I have been here a few times because visitors usually want to see it. It is a tourist trap. There are so many performers but they all want to collect your money before they even show you their performance. I get wanting to get noticed, but scamming people is something else. There are so many different characters here, which I love, but the homeless population is huge. It’s quite sad actually. There is also pretty much nowhere to park. I say Venice is a place to save for another visit.

2. Santa Monica- I am pretty hit or miss on this place and here’s why: during the day the pier is SO PACKED you can hardly move anywhere, the beaches are full and the tourists are annoying. If you visit this destination go at night. There is a muscle beach playground, and if you have a few drinks and play on this it’s so fun. Also, the lines for the rides are MUCH shorter. We got to go on the roller coaster twice in one sitting. There is a pretty good night life if you like casual drinking as well. I would say Santa Monica is overrated in the day, and underrated and night.

3. Seal Beach- okay, I love this place! Ryan and I went here when we first moved because we thought we actually would see seals (saw one at Huntington). This is a beach town with a very Irish feel. I love the vibe and the people here. It’s small, but it’s always a good time. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to spend the day here, and of course the beach! I feel it’s very underrated.

4. Hollywood Walk of Fame- One word.YUCK. This place is trash. It’s the biggest tourist trap I have encountered. There is garbage everywhere, people in worn down costumes asking for money for pictures. There is no glamour there at all. It is a no from me dawg.

5. Silver lake- This is a place Ryan and I adore. We have met so many beautiful souls here every time we have visited. This is an area for the arts. I love the vibe here, free people and bohemian souls. There is a great flea market (free) every Saturday from 1-5, and since they are all the rage you should check it out. Plus it is pet friendly. Which I love my baby dog, and every place let’s us bring her in with no complaint. This place is underrated.

6. Runyon Cannon- If you love the outdoors, and semi-advanced hikes, head up to Runyon. This drive up to the peak is so beautiful itself, but the views above the city on the hike are even better. My advice would be to get there early! There is only limited parking spaces, and you don’t want to wait forever to hike. Another plus, it’s dog friendly! Great way to wear your pup out.

Well that’s all I’ll write about for now. If you have been to any of these places, let me know what you think. Or if you have any advice on some hidden gems throw them in the comments.

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