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Bring Back Natural Beauty

Today we live in a world with beauty standards set so high no woman or man feels like they look good enough. Why are we conforming to these modern day normalities? Personally I love to wake up in the morning with clear skin and wear only the slightest amount of makeup to look “socially acceptable.” Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a dig on anyone who wears makeup because I myself like to put on a pretty face some nights. My question to you though, is why do we feel as if we have to do this?

Are we dolled up so other people admire us, to attract a mate, or just to feel better about ourselves? I wonder how the norms would change if we all revolted against these beauty standards and looked like ourself. Everyone has a beauty to them without the fake lashes, lip injections, and boob jobs. If you feel the need to do this for other people, think twice. Someone out there loves you for who are are. My fiancé tells me I always look prettiest in the morning (which I am stubborn and don’t believe) but maybe I should believe him.

I want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, show me your true beauty. Take a stand against society and be who you want to be. This doesn’t mean don’t care of yourself. Instead of buying new makeup to cover your “blemishes” invest in skin care products so you don’t have to wear makeup. Wearing makeup everyday only hurts your skin instead of healing it.

Keep in mind that what truly matters is how you feel about yourself. Stop doing it for the gram, and start doing it for you. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself you are beautiful, because you are.

Why do you think we should bring natural beauty back?

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