The Title says it all. What the fuck America? 

What is happening to this country? Why are we going back in time?

I am not one to get offended easily, but with all that hate, discrimination, and fuckery going on in the USA I feel I need to get my voice out, hence why people write. Right?

I will start with I am not a political person. I hate war, I love people, and I try to be a good person day in and day out, but I can’t do that alone. I need help. I need people to start caring.

A few points that I am appalled by:

The Hate Against Women:   Since when did women become objects again? When is it okay for sexual offenders to hold such a valued position? Why are people who have been sexually assaulted accused as liars. It takes a brave human to come forward against their offender, and nothing hurts more then when you are not believed.

What can we do? We can stand to together and stand up for ourselves. Men, you can learn respect. I know not all men are horrible, I have a husband, father, and brother who are some of the most respectful men I know.  I am talking to you entitled, sexist, spoiled men. Think of you daughters, sisters, mothers next time you even THINK about doing something you know is not right.

Parents, teach your children respect. Teach your daughters to be strong, and fuck that saying “boys will be boys.” Who ever though it was okay to say that? If you say that to your child, you are allowing them to believe they can do whatever they please.

Quit with Religion being the fucking basis for EVERYTHING. There is good religion and there is bad religion. I just watched a video on Facebook of North Carolina Candidate Mark Harris, this man was preaching that women should submit to their husbands every needs, He questions if women should even have careers. I laugh, if my husband ever thought for a second I would submit to him for his every need we would not be married. Why are women still allowing this? Why are we trying to get to the old ways? I feel the old men in office are scared of women being powerful. They are scared of equality.

Women are not trying to be better, we are trying to be equal!


The Hate Against LGBTQ: I do not even know why this is still a thing. Let people be happy, who cares what their sexual preference is. I said it once and I’ll say it again, we are all a little gay. 

When are we going to stop priest from raping little boys? Or stopping US Officials from taking advantage of men and women? I would love to take away their rights. Make them live in misery just as they are trying to do to innocent people.

When has someones sexual orientation ever changed who they are as a person? In America we are supposed to be able to express who we are, and what we love. Freedom of speech. This used to be a country of love and now its filled with hate.

Citizens are brain washed to fight one another. Innocent people are dying for no reason but hate.

Open your eyes everyone. Stop being brain washed.  We need to take control of our country again. If you are reading this, be a good person it really is not hard, I promise.

Do not let this country change who you are. Keep your views positive, love one another, stop the hate. If you see hate, stop it. If you see sexual harassment, stop it. Do the right thing, I know you know what that is.


and America….. Get your shit together.

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