Myth VS. Fact- Sex Toys

Being adventurous in any part of life brings new thrills, but what happens when you bring in into the bedroom? Pure excitement, heightened senses, pain that turns into pleasure. You name it, it can happen. There is a lot of negative stigma around sex toys, and I want to push away from those dated assumptions.... Continue Reading →

Abstinence is not Sexual Education

Sexual Education is something American Children lack. I think anyone who went to public or private school can understand this. I can recall numerous events where I was told to not have sex because all these terrible disgusting things will happen to me. In 8th grade, we had a "Sex Educator" come in and had... Continue Reading →

Spread The Love

Happy Valentines Day fellow readers and writers! Today is a day to share the love and spread it around to everyone you care about. ¬†Give hugs & kisses. Valentines Day is not just about who can buy the best presents or flowers, its about showing a little extra love in other ways. I do believe... Continue Reading →

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