Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Let's talk about you and me..... But really, let's get talking. When is the last time you have had a serious conversation about sex? It could be with your partner, friend, casual hook-up you name it. I'm not sure why we are living in a world that is STILL scared to talk freely about sex. … Continue reading Lets Talk About Sex Baby

The overrated and underrated places of LA

I have been living is Los Angeles for about four months now, and have traveled around the area quite a bit (like every weekend). I have seen some amazing places and some not so fabulous places. I've compiled a list of places I have loved and others that if you are only here for a … Continue reading The overrated and underrated places of LA

Fall in the Midwest

Its officially fall in the midwest, some days the leaves are starting to fall off the tress, and the day after that it is too hot to even walk outside. That's beside the fact, we all are aware its going to get unbearably cold here before we know. On the bright side,  this is one … Continue reading Fall in the Midwest