Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Let's talk about you and me..... But really, let's get talking. When is the last time you have had a serious conversation about sex? It could be with your partner, friend, casual hook-up you name it. I'm not sure why we are living in a world that is STILL scared to talk freely about sex. … Continue reading Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Bring Back Natural Beauty

Today we live in a world with beauty standards set so high no woman or man feels like they look good enough. Why are we conforming to these modern day normalities? Personally I love to wake up in the morning with clear skin and wear only the slightest amount of makeup to look "socially acceptable." … Continue reading Bring Back Natural Beauty

What Happened to the Holidays?

Holidays used to be a time of family gatherings, religious celebrations, and enjoyment. As we can witness with our own eyes, times have changed. Stores and new traditions have influenced us heavily to rely on gift giving as a way to show affection. Why did this all start? I grew up in a home where … Continue reading What Happened to the Holidays?