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Why You Should Start Your Indoor Jungle Today


Plants make people happy. They are beautiful, intriguing, and a healthy addiction.

House Plants have the power to change your life.

Maybe I sound a little over dramatic, or maybe I am just a little obsessed with botany (true fact), but realistically plants are good for your health.

Here are a few logical reasons to start your indoor jungle today.


  1. Natural Air Purifier : Multiple studies have shown there are plants that help purify the air. I mean this is generally common knowledge for plants outside, but indoor home plants have the same effects. With how quickly germs travel, and people get sick, it would be silly not to have some extra plants around your home and office. Cleaner air also helps with a better nights sleep.
    Plants to get for cleaner air: Air Plant, Spider Plant, Ficus, Snake Plant, & Peace Lily.
  2. Cheap Interior Décor: Plants are a great option to spice up your décor. Go to your local Plant Shop, and find plants that fit your likings. Just make sure you ask  for help or read up on the plant first to make sure the lighting you have will suffice for the plants needs. When it comes to size, I enjoy buying smaller to medium plants because 1. its rewarding to grow them big and strong and 2. they are cheaper. Another reason it is great for décor it because you can propagate plants! Which means more plant children from your current plant. (Propagation Post in the future)

    Great Starter House Plants: Bamboo, Pothos, Snake Plants, Cactus (Please keep in mind all plants thrive in different environments. You can try any plant, but they may require more love!

  3.  Reduce Stress: This opinion can be biased, but I write off personal experience. I was feeling down for a few weeks and really needed some change in my life. My friend told me about this plant store, and I was In LOVE. I had found some plants I had my eye on for a while : Monstera and a Fiddle Leaf Fig. I love coming home from work and seeing how they are doing, and watching their progress.

    Wiping leaves, watering my plants, and misting the ones that need misted(tropical babies) really help to wind down after a long day. Even just being in a plant filled environment puts me in a calm state. Fill your space your in most with pretty green plants and watch your mood change.

  4. Responsibility: Having plants are the new children (b/c lets be honest Millennials cant afford babies with crippling student debt). All jokes aside, plants need us (but we need them more). When we bring them into our home, we are their care takers. Having a sense of purpose is  beneficial to our mental health. We need to feel wanted as humans, and seeing your plants thrive is the ultimate mood booster.



Why do you love your indoor jungle? Feel free to share your positive experience in the comments.

A letter to Anxiety…

Dear Anxiety,

Why do you feel the constant need to hang around?

You feel like a bad friend that wont go away. You are negative and insecure. I don’t mean to be rude, but you make my life harder.

Why do you make my life harder? I have more important issues to focus on.

I don’t need to be in the middle of a meeting feeling dizzy and nervous and have to walk out because I feel like I am going to be sick. There is no reason for you to do that to me.

Even when we are around people you know,  you still give me uneasy feelings around people who I am comfortable with.

Why do I fear you?

When I travel, why do these thoughts come into my head that “this car will come in your lane, or that person is going to rear end you.”

Why are you uncontrollable?

Meditation, working out, healthy eating, self-love… When will it be enough for you?

Endless tears, panic-attacks, anger, irritability, arguments you cause….. Can you please stop?

I am working on myself to be better every day, but somehow you are sneaky and come back into my life, I refuse to let you take over me. You will not win.

Oh anxiety,  I will defeat you.


The Stronger Version Of Me



To all my readers who suffer from anxiety. You are not alone. You are not insane. Your mental health is important. I understand what it is like to have no one understand what you are going through. Stay strong and stay tuned for articles about how to deal with your anxieties, and how to maintain your mental health.


Feel free to share how you deal with your anxiety. I love new Ideas and maybe someone else will need to read your advice.




Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Let’s talk about you and me…..

But really, let’s get talking. When is the last time you have had a serious conversation about sex?

It could be with your partner, friend, casual hook-up you name it. I’m not sure why we are living in a world that is STILL scared to talk freely about sex.

Now, I’m not telling you to tell every gruesome detail of your dirty encounters to your neighbors I am merely influencing you to be more open. Be open with yourself and with people you trust.

From a young age I learned what sex was. Was I ever scared of it? No.

Did I learn to respect myself? Yes. Absolutely.

I had a mother who told me about the birds and the bees, and as I got older the conversations progressed into more informative knowledge such as learning to protect myself from disease and pregnancy.

I was on birth control at a young age (for pms issues) but I had to be informed about all the facts that came along with it. I remember virgin, 16 year old me, was so uncomfortable with my doctor I couldn’t stop laughing.

She literally asked me if there was something on her face….. I was young, and so inexperienced that I had no idea what sex was but someday excited to find out.

In college, I had a friend recommended a class to me, human sexuality, and my goodness was it LIFE CHANGING.

What other class would I get to show bondage porn and tie up my classmate in? None…. this class had opened my eyes more then I ever though possible.

It taught be to be open with my sexual partner, it taught me consent and how to understand it, it taught me unforgettable life lessons I will forever pass on to my children.

When I started really talking about sex, I felt empowered.

People believe as a woman you are to be silent, discrete, and wait until marriage.

Well guess what?! It’s 2018.

That means women can do what ever they damn well please, and many of us do.

I can say that my sex life has benefited from being open immensely.

I tell my fiancé if I don’t like it, and guess what? I DONT ever have to deal with something I don’t like again.

Imagine this.. your partner keeps licking your ear, but it reminds you of a horrible time, but they keep doing it every time because you don’t say anything.. what is that going to do to your sex life? KILL.IT. All you need to say is ” I don’t like it when you…..” and if you are in a healthy relationship, that request will be respected.

This is just a start to a series I plan on writing, but if you want to improve your love making, nasty time, whatever you may call it… start with talking. Be open, and discuss in a positive manor. I promise you, only good things can happen.

Do you feel comfortable talking about sex? If yes why? If no please share? Any questions? Email me!