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Abstinence is not Sexual Education

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Sexual Education is something American Children lack. I think anyone who went to public or private school can understand this.

I can recall numerous events where I was told to not have sex because all these terrible disgusting things will happen to me.

In 8th grade, we had a “Sex Educator” come in and had a piece of tape and stuck it on multiple peoples shirts. As the tape wore down, it didn’t stick.

The metaphor this woman taught us was that each different shirt was equivalent of a sexual partner, and that we pretty much were useless if we have multiple sexual partners… WHAT!?

There are just so many things wrong with teaching teenagers that. Your number of partners does not define you. Your sexual orientation does not define you. YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS LIKE A PIECE OF TAPE WITH FUZZES ON IT.

Why are schools still teaching these uneducated methods? Stop teaching the bull shit and get real.


Humans, by nature, are sexual beings. Yes, there is a right time and a right place and education needed to know before having sexual intercourse.

Although, How are young people supposed to get valuable knowledge if no one is teaching it to them??

When I was 11 I did not  think to google what is safe sex. I was scared of sex because of what I had been manipulated to believe in school, I didn’t want to become a “worthless piece of tape.”

I was lucky enough to have parents who taught me later in life to respect myself and how to protect myself, but not every one has that bond with their family.

Start teaching about everything that sex entails, there are age appropriate ways to talk to your children about sex.

Start with teaching your child to respect others. If your child wants to hug another child, and the second child does not want it, that is a lesson to teach your child about consent.

Tell them just because they want a hug does not mean they will always get what they want.


As children grow older, teach them  about safe sex.

Show them how to use a condom, take you daughter to the doctor to get on birth control, have talks with them to make the comfortable on the topic.

It is okay to be informative, this does not mean your young adult is going to have sex at 15, but it might.

Wouldn’t you rather them be safe and not risk teen pregnancy because they knew what they were doing?  From experience, I waited to have sex because I was informed of everything that goes along with it.

I am proud that I waited until I was out of high school, because at that point I was ready.

Everyone has a different point of life when you know the time is right.

Stop teaching that sex until marriage is the only way to go.

If you chose that path great for you, you have awesome self control, but do not make sexually active humans feel bad about their choices.

If you don’t chose that path, it is a great time to experiment! Learning what your lover/lovers like can only teach you some lessons as well.


Please stop teaching our youth about false realities.

Stop scaring people into thinking if you get chlamydia you are a disgusting human.

If you did your research you would know that is it very curable.

Start being sex positive, start teaching children how to avoid getting STI’s and becoming a parent too young. We are all teachers because we all have had experiences. Share the lessons you learned, and teach what you wish you knew.


If you need advice on how to share real sex education please reach out.